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This is me, busy as a bee.

Slowly chugging away on my short story. I had this realization that I had my plot arc well mapped out, but my protagonist did not have a whole lot of soul. Currently at 2,892 words. Think I might have another couple thousand before I'm done. It's a bit different from my other stuff, so I'm feeling less confident. Plus there's all that, "Agh, I've learned this stuff but I don't know how to apply it well! Instead I'm just freaking out about it!"

Haven't touched my excerpt/synopsis for A Sunless Garden. Need to do that soon. I keep telling myself, "I'll do it when I'm done with the short I'm working on." I think I'm within spitting distance of done with the short, though. I just find it fascinating how much more time it takes to write parts of a short story than it does an equivalent word count in NaNoWriMo. =P

Feeling kinda anxious about my last submission to Crossed Genres. They received a record high number of submissions. I'm feeling kinda anxious about whether or not it will get accepted. Heck, since they now have slush readers, I'm not sure if I even made it past the slush readers. Ah, the suspense.

I've made a Twitter account for myself. I also made a Page for myself on Facebook. And now this blog feeds into Facebook, which then feeds into Twitter. It's like a massive circle. Massive.
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