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My first short at Wily Writers is now up. You can get it here:

It's available in both text and audio format. It's free to read or download, but there's also a donate button. This will be the first time I've had an "opt in" payment instead of a flat fee from the publisher. This could be awesome or embarrassing.

I've also tweaked the format over at so that I'm better highlighting whatever new thing is available to read somewhere. In the off chance that anyone ever goes there.

I was kinda excited because I thought I'd found the perfect circle to update this, Facebook and Twitter all at once. But there's something weird about what it's deciding to post on my "Wall" from my "Notes" on Facebook. And if it doesn't appear on my Wall, it doesn't get fed to Twitter. I'm not sure how it decides what to post on the Wall. I'm tinkering around with settings to see what works. I may have to just cross post stuff to Twitter. Blergh.
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