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My brain feels like an over-squeezed lemon.

Work on writing last night got borked when I remembered that I wanted to go to the Buddhist Center, especially since someone I hadn't seen in years was visiting from England. So I went out and got my dharma on.

Today has been spent at the Wayward, working on my synopsis for A Sunless Garden and doing a first round of polish for the excerpt. Since the girl has unexpected email access out in BFE, I will email my stuff off to her. Once I get some feedback and do a second wave of changes, I'll probably start begging people to give it another round of looking.

But, really, my brain is fried. It could be a result of my meals at the Wayward consisting of a bagel with cheese and hummus followed by two cookies. Or it could be exhaustion. Not sure. I'd like to try and get a bit more work done, but I think I'll just go home first and try to get some stuff done there. My goal for tonight will be to try and work on edits the girl gave me for my short story. After I beat some of the ugly out of it, I'll probably also be looking for feedback for it.

Received an email today that the class I signed up for was cancelled due to low enrollment. But, the instructor of the class had a second class I had been looking at anyway that still had room. So they moved me right over into this new class instead. This new class is more firmly geared towards SF/F and, I hadn't realized earlier, it also has a short story workshop aspect to it. Added bonus! The name of the class is "Creating Universes, Building Worlds." I thought it was mainly a worldbuilding course, but it is actually geared towards the spec-fic short story. This is, in some ways, significantly better. It's better bullet-shaped towards my style. I was also starting to worry that I might not have enough experience for the other class.

The class change means I also have an additional week before class starts. This makes some immediate writing goals much more easily. If I can kill off my contest and magazine submissions in the next week-and-a-half, I'll be feeling solid. Then I just need to worry about whether I'll have money for Clarion/Clarion West and what on earth I'll put on my application.

This has a feeling of "meant to be." Of course, if this second course is canceled due to low enrollment, then I'll feel like a dork for being a dewy-eyed hippie thinking, "The universe wants me to write!"

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