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For those following along at home

Haven't posted in a few days, thought I'd add some notes on progress.

I finished the first draft of the short story I was plugging away at yesterday and started fishing around for people to read and provide feedback. I had a fairly large number people volunteer, which is very flattering. I know all too well how much of a pain it is for me to pester friends to help out.

So far feedback has been good. Not sure if it rates, "Best Thing I've Ever Written," but people have enjoyed it.

Waiting for feedback from the girlfriend about the excerpt/synopsis for A Sunless Garden so I can polish up the first draft before the next round of groveling.

I'll be at RustyCon this weekend. My only prior convention experience has been a Thursday at Norwescon several years ago and vending at some dealer rooms. And, really, if you're stuck in the dealer room all day I don't think you get a good sense of the convention. So, this is my first bout of, "I'm going to go out, meet other writers and sit in on writing-related panels." I'm a little anxious.

Tonights pickings seem a little slim. Tomorrow I will probably get several hours worth of panels to attend. So hopefully it will be productive and interesting. I won't be going Sunday.
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