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Mapping out the road ahead.

I got my short story, which I decided to title "Thus Have I Heard," sent off to Crossed Genres a couple days ago. My class is basically over. I just need to cull the critiques I got for my story from the boards so that I can refer to them later. I have Norwescon this weekend.

So now, I look to... the future!

I've got to get my money in to Jim Gunn's workshop ASAP.

I've got to rework my story I plan on submitting for the "Gadgets & Artifacts" issue of Crossed Genres and get it in by the end of April. This one is titled, "It's All Fun and Games."

I've got to polish up my submission for their Invasion issue, which is due at the end of June. (Otherwise I don't know what I'll do with "Snowflake War Journal" except to wait for an anthology that Nate wants to use it in.)

I need to have three stories to workshop in Kansas in July. I don't see a deadline on the site besides, "Before the workshop." I have "With Fans Like These," and need one or two more. If "Thus Have I Heard" or "It's All Fun and Games" don't picked up, they are prime candidates. Then I need to decide if I want to write another short story, polish up one that I felt needed a lot of work, or just go with two.

I really want to finish the novel I'm going to pitch at the PNWA writer's conference. Of the stuff I've got going, A Sunless Garden feels like it needs the least work. I don't need to add in a second point of view or re-work the entire conflict in the novel. (Or, in the case of Masters of Ceremonies, nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.) And, of course, this should really be done before I leave for Kansas, because the conference is right after the workshop.

And then around August I need to get Nate my short story for his next Cobalt City anthology. Since I'm writing that more or less by request, I'm disinclined to workshop it. While I want it to be good, I'd like to reserve Kansas for stories that I want to market to other markets.

So, if you don't hear from me for the next few months, it means I've drowned in words. Yargh.
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