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Putting on my pimping pants.

How can you tell they are pimping pants? Because of the leopard print and purple marabou trim on the the legs.

But I digress.

In the mail today I got my pre-ordered copy of Close Encounters of the Urban Kind, edited by the lovely and talented Jennifer Brozek. It features some stories by Pacific Northwest writers that I have the distinction of knowing and loving: Nathan Crowder and Rosemary Jones.

I also see that there are contributions by other writers that I got to see at Norwescon that seemed pretty nifty, such as Alma Alexander, Erik Scott de Bie and Joshua Palmatier.

I haven't read the stories yet, but I have enough faith in the people involved to say it's gonna be good. I've missed the first two readings they've done, but I'm hoping to make their next one. If I recollect properly, it will be June 12th at Third Place Books.
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