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Between my lingering cough and a monster headache that I can't seem to shake, I'm not doing so hot tonight. I got a bit of writing done at lunch today, but I don't think I'll try for any tonight. But I wanted to get a few notes out before I stumble back to the bed and call it a night.

I've got my rewrite for 10 Flash just about done. I want to say it's done done, but I'm kinda anxious and hesitant to just send it off. But I beat my head against it for a while, got a friend who has a better eye for this tear it apart for me, and I feel pretty good about it aside from broad spectrum paranoia. I want to give it one more read through at a time when I don't feel like there's a spike going through my skull. I don't know how I feel about flash fiction after this initial foray, but I'm gonna try a few more markets to see how I feel.

The girlfriend continues to find anthologies and magazines for me to submit to. Most of it isn't pro-rates, but most of them pay at least a token amount and it gives me some deadlines to shoot for. I'm good with deadlines. I stay on focus better with a bit of heat.

My very exciting news is that I've been invited to submit to an anthology! I can't say who is doing the anthology just yet. I'm not guaranteed publication, just a slot on a relatively short list of submissions. Based off of current invitees, I've got about a 35-50% shot at getting accepted. If less people decide to submit, then my odds are even better...

I have no idea what I'm going to write, but when someone shows up in my inbox saying, "We have specifically chosen you to submit to our publication," I'm hard pressed to say "No."

Anyway, that's what I got for now. My head is feeling a bit better, so I think I'm going to bang out a few hundred more words before calling it a night.

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