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Quick update

Well, poop. Writing yesterday was kind of a bust. Between errands taking longer than planned, a massive headache most of the day, and then going out drinking around 5... I only got about 1500 words in (for a total of 13500). Sleeping in till 11 after a long night of socializing doesn't help either.

So I'm almost 5000 words behind where I should be. By the end of today I should be at 20,000. Between now and the end of the day I need to walk and get our car and then I'll be spending most of my evening at the Wayward write-in. If I can get at least 3000 in, then I can probably close the gap down to 4500. Not great, but better than it could be. My goal is to get about 2K every night this week (except Friday, where I will be occupied all day). And then Saturday will be the first of another large pushes over a 3-day weekend.
Tags: master of ceremonies, nanowrimo

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