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A new review of Crossed Genres Year One

Innsmouth Free Press has put out a review today of the anthology I was in earlier this year. You can find said review here:

I'll admit I'm a bad person who still hasn't read most of the other stories in there, so I can't say how accurate some of the commentary is. (My excuses? They are extensive.) The review is pretty mixed. I didn't get any mention, good or bad, aside from a few words in the first paragraph. The romance without bodice ripping it mentions? That's me. I was also surprised Nathan Crowder didn't get a nod.

Still, it was good to see Jennifer Munro's piece, "The Strangler Fig," get good praise. She's an awesome person and I'm proud to have met her through this.

Innsmouth Free Press is on my short list of places to submit. I can't decide if the lack of mention of me should be encouraging or daunting. I guess it's academic, since I don't have a story I feel called to write for them yet. I want to avoid the usual tropes and cliches you get with people playing in Lovecraft's sandbox, but that goal doesn't leave me with any ideas for what to write.
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