December 2nd, 2009

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Cobalt City Christmas

Here's another project that I'd been involved with but was keeping under wraps:

My friend Nathan Crowder has developed his own comic book universe through a series of novels he has put out on Lulu. When he decided to put together an anthology of stories written by other writer friends, I jump on the opportunity. The story I turned out was absurdly fun to write.

The anthology is Cobalt City Christmas.

Diving into it is probably something like diving into a comic book series you aren't familiar with. If you are interested in this but would like some context, my favorite book in this universe is Greetings from Buena Rosa.
my eye

Pimpage: Addendum 1

In my pre-coffee haste this morning, I failed to mention that there are other authors worth noting involved in Cobalt City Christmas. While I don't know much about Nicole Burns, I can at least dig up a few things about Angel Leigh McCoy (a prolific game designer, author and journalist) and Rosemary Jones (who is most recently known for her recent Forgotten Realms novels, but also has several non-fiction books under her belt).

So if Nate and I are not enough of a draw, Angel and Rosemary may very well be.