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Things. Stuff.

Currently reading The Fall of Hyperion, the award-winning sequel to the award-winning Hyperion. I've come across at least a couple "As You Know Bob" moments in the text.

Continuing to chug away at deadlines. Got a couple items off my plate, so I'm feeling pretty good about that. This week will be mostly dedicated to clubbing my stuff before I send it to Mr. Gunn for the workshop.

Now, have some honeydew.

6/14/2010: Submit my three stories for workshopping in Kansas. 85% Sent the three stories around to friends to see if they had suggestions on things to improve. A week later I have gotten word back from one regarding one of the stories. =(

6/30/2010: Wily Writer's "Song" issue. 5% Brainstorm ed with a friend, but haven't written a damn word.

6/30/2010: Crossed Genres "Invasion" issue. 100% Sent off to Crossed Genres.

6/30/2010: Crossed Genres "Science in my Fiction" contest. 0% Less certain that I will submit for this. I have an idea for a story, but I might not have time to submit.

6/30/2010: Pill Hill Press's Flesh & Bones: Rise of the Necromancers anthology. 0% Same as the CG contest, really. =(

6/30/2010: Finish first draft of novel. 80%

7/1/2010: Hallow's Eve Press Steampunk anthology. 5% Brainstormed some ideas with a friend.

7/4/2010 - 7/18/2010: SF Writer's Workshop and Campbell Conference

7/13/2010: Blood Bound Books' Rock & Roll is Dead anthology. 95%.

7/22/2010 - 7/25/2010: PNWA Summer conference.

8/1/2010: Timid Pirate Press's Cobalt City Timeslip anthology. 100%. Draft sent off to Nate.

9/20/2010: Horror Flash Fiction anthology.

9/24/2010 - 9/26/2010: Foolscap.

10/31/2010: Top Secret Project A

11/1/2010 - 11/30/2010: NaNoWriMo. (I need to do this, if only to shake off the dust and limber up, get back to writing for pleasure than writing for deadlines.)

11/4/2010 - 11/7/2010: Ambercon Northwest.

11/30/2010: Start looking for guidelines for the Norwescon Fairwood Writing Workshop.

11/30/2010: Contact RustyCon about becoming a panelist.

1/14/2011: RustyCon.

7/31/2011: Wicked East Press's Once Bitten, Never Die anthology.

No Due Date:

- Submit "Thus Have I Heard" to Residential Aliens.

- Submit story to Writers of the Future
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