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I'm at about 18,600, putting about 5000 words behind. I got less than a thousand done on Tuesday and just the base amount (1600 or so) done last night. The trap I keep falling into is trying to dig up some research that comes up right as I'm writing.

Tuesday it was trying to come up with a feudal equivalent to an acquisitions department. I failed to come up with anything.

Last night it was trying to find details about half remembered laws regarding a finder's ability to claim lost items that they turn in. I'd first come across them when I was working Loss Prevention a Fred Meyer. I was kinda thwarted by the fact that there are a million "unclaimed property" Web sites out there that bubble up in Google.

So, yeah, sidetracked by random research. My hope is that I can make serious catchup this weekend. The worst case scenario? I have to start bringing my laptop in to work to write at my lunchbreak.

Having finished reading Twenty Years After, I started reading, The Atrocity Archives. That was probably a mistake. While I tend to do well at dialogue, I tend to suck at describing setting. I'm also not one of those broadly read super-geniuses that can distill vast amounts of knowledge into a tightly packed story. (Cf. Neil Stephenson, Tim Powers, Charles Stross)

So I'm feeling a little humbled. =(
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