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Where does the time go?

I've come to realize it's been almost two months since I last posted anything here. Things have been a little stupid busy round these parts, not helped by the fact that work has been busy and then they revised their internet policy to prohibit 99% of personal internet use.

Before I pimp me, I should take a moment to pimp Ann Charles, who has her first book, Nearly Departed in Deadwood, available in eBook format with print edition coming out soon.

For me, I have a few things on the burner right now.

Under my female pen name, I've begun writing for Rise Reviews. It's nice to have something a bit more respectable that Associated Content under my belt. This pen name will also be putting in an appearance as a guest editor at Wily Writers Podcast for their paranormal romance "issue." Submissions for this are due at the end of the month and details can be found here.

I've had my first story of the year accepted for Growing Dread, an anthology coming out from Timid Pirate Publishing. And I'm working on finishing a story for their "Cobalt City Neighborhoods" project for the Web site. Last November I also appeared in another anthology of theirs, Cobalt City Timeslip and I will be at two readings in the Seattle area to support them. The first is on February 17th, 8 PM, at the Night Kitchen in downtown Seattle. Then on February 20th, 7 PM, we'll have an event at the AFK Tavern. Depending on the noise level, the AFK event may just be a more social event than a reading.

Finally, I'm working with some other authors on an online serial set in beautiful Arkham, MA. We've been getting our ducks in a row and hope to get something going soon.


What you won't see from me in the near future are any convention appearances. RustyCon never answered my emails and the event calendar was filled for Norwescon by the time I thought to say anything.

Overall I've found that I've been finding the balance between writing and the business of writing a little overwhelming. Writing during your free time is a very different beast than maintaining a Web presence and keeping submissions churning through the rejection meat grinder.

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