Jeremy "Bolthy" Zimmerman (bolthy) wrote,
Jeremy "Bolthy" Zimmerman

Writing War Journal, Day 2

Not much to report. As anticipated, the company dinner I went to basically filled up my whole evening and we went to bed right away. Tonight, though, looks promising.

Current Word Count: 59,425

Ten Day Forecast:

Today - Evening mostly free. Have a couple errands to run when I get home from work, but should be able to write.
Saturday - Should be able to write in the morning. Afternoon/evening is booked.
Sunday - Entire day booked to the gills. Unlikely to write.
Monday - Dinner with friends in the evening. Unlikely to write.
Tuesday - Appointment in the early evening, can write afterwards.
Wednesday - Evening free to write.
Thursday - Type and gripe, so maybe get some writing in. (Sad commentary about the type and gripe that I'm not certain. ;))
Friday - Ummm... evening free?
Saturday - Free in the morning and evening. Need to prep for a game on Sunday, though.
Sunday - Gaming through the afternoon, with last minute game prep and cleaning the apartment.
Tags: court of the red king, writing war journal

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