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Writing War Journal, Day 5

Well, not as much writing accomplished as planned.

Friday I got horribly distracted by my shiny new iPhone. Got some writing done, but nothing spectacular.

Saturday was meant to be a writing day, but most of it got sucked up in "girlfriend moving in chores." Moving my stuff out of my old storage unit into the new one took very little time. But then we drafted people into helping organize my unsorted comic books from the last year or two. That night I had the choice between writing or spending quality time with the girlfriend watching a movie. I opted to go with the quality time.

Sunday was just hosed from the moment I got up, and I hadn't planned on trying to write. There was the hope of getting some writing done in the evening, but between the laptop deciding to misbehave on me and having to have an emergency logistics discussion with the girlfriend, the evening ended up being a waste.

Even when I have been writing, it's been like slogging through mud. The more Red King portions of Court of the Red King flow pretty well, but the protagonists are harder to write. Hopefully this doesn't make me a villain in a Gato Loco novel.

Current Word Count: 59484
New Words: +59

Ten Day Forecast:

Today - Dinner with a friend in the evening. Writing unlikely.
Tomorrow - Appointment in the early evening, writing possible afterwards.
Wednesday - Evening free to write.
Thursday - Type and gripe.
Friday - Evening free to write. Yeah, this is how I spend my Fridays. Oh, the high life.
Saturday - Some free time in the morning, but may need to devote that to game prep for Sunday. Helping girlfriend move stuff in the evening.
Sunday - Getting photos taken in the morning. Gaming in the afternoon. Might be able to write afterwards, if I have any brain power left.
Monday - Umm... Calendar says it's free to write. Woo!
Tuesday - Also looking free and clear.
Wednesday - Also clear. I sense a trap.

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