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Writing War Journal, Day 7

Last night worked out pretty well. In spite of the heat and an appointment early in the evening, I got home and banged out over 900 words. If I can manage this 5 days a week, I may finish in a month!


Huh. That's not exactly encouraging.

Current Word Count: 60399
New Words: +915

Ten Day Forecast:

Today - Evening mostly free to write. I'll be at the girlfriend's apartment as she packs up, but she's assured me I'll be free to type for most of the night. I'm assuming I'll be dragged in tohelp with some shlepping.
Tomorrow - Type and gripe.
Friday - Evening free to write, unless I try to get a head start on game prep for Sunday.
Saturday - Some free time in the morning, but may need to devote that to game prep for Sunday. Helping girlfriend move stuff in the evening.
Sunday - Getting photos taken in the morning. Gaming in the afternoon. Might be able to write afterwards, if I have any brain power left.
Monday - Either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday will have dinner plans with a friend. Otherwise evening free to write.
Tuesday - Evening free to write.
Wednesday - Evening free to write.
Thursday - Evening free to write.
Friday - Dinner with friends.

More than anything, I'd really like the heat to go away. Blech.
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