Jeremy "Bolthy" Zimmerman (bolthy) wrote,
Jeremy "Bolthy" Zimmerman

Writing War Journal, Day 9

Did okay yesterday. Got a good chunk written at lunch at work. At the type and gripe we did a 10 minute "sprint" to try and plow through some writing, but I sadly spent most of the rest of the time screwing around.

The girlfriend talked me out of giving up the gym at lunch enitrely, since I really do need the exercise. Even with my commitment to write more, I can't dodge the fact that I'm overweight and at risk for diabetes, so cutting out the little exercise I get is a bad idea. The compromise is that I'm going to hit the gym 3 days a week and write at lunch the other two. We'll see how that works.

Current Word Count: 61738
New Words: 934

Today - Planning on writing at lunch. I'm supposed to help the girlfriend move some furniture around the apartment in anticipation of her moving furniture in on Saturday, but after that I get to write.
Tomorrow - May be able to write in the morning if I'm not prepping for game. Gaming in the afternoon. Helping girlfriend move stuff in the evening.
Sunday - Getting photos taken in the morning. Uncertain whether game will happen, but might replace it with a trip to the EMP. Might be able to write afterwards, if I have any brain power left.
Monday - Either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday will have dinner plans with a friend. Otherwise evening free to write.
Tuesday - Evening free to write.
Wednesday - Evening free to write.
Thursday - Evening free to write.
Friday - Dinner with friends.
Saturday - Assuming we don't go this Sunday, we'll be going to the EMP/SciFi museum to see the Muppet exhibit in the afternoon. There is D&D in the evening. Should be able to squeeze writing in there.
Sunday - I think I might have a book club to go to on that day. The normal one I was part of is going on hiatus, but there's been discussion of continuing it outside of the Center. I think I'm being dragged by the girlfriend to help with the merch table at an Abney Park show. (It's all ages. Tell you friends. Go to it. Come by stuff.) Mixed in there I should be able to write.

Tags: court of the red king, writing war journal

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