Jeremy "Bolthy" Zimmerman (bolthy) wrote,
Jeremy "Bolthy" Zimmerman

Writing War Journal, Day 50

Got some good writing done at lunch yesterday. The girlfriend figures that, not counting writing at lunch, I have about 13 days that I'll be able to get some writing in. If I don't get in lunch writing, that pushes my daily goal up to over a thousand. I'm debating whether or not I want to curtail going to the gym until I finish this. Otherwise I could be hosed.

Current Word Count: 55626
New Words: +606
Words to Go: ~14374

Today - Will write at lunch. Type and gripe is tonight, and I'll try and stay on task.
Tomorrow - Writing at lunch, gaming in the evening.
Saturday - Gaming in the afternoon. Evening and morning are free. Need to get some game prep done.
Sunday - Coffee with a friend in the morning, gaming in the afternoon. Possible writing in the evening if I have any energy left.
Monday - Possible exercise at lunch assuming my toe is better. Writing in the evening.
Tuesday - Writing at lunch. Dinner with a friend in the evening.
Wednesday - Possible exercise at lunch, assuming toe improvement. Date night in the evening.
Thursday - Writing at lunch and in the evening.
Friday - Exercise at lunch and writing in the evening.
Saturday - Getting together with a friend in the afternoon, possibly to write. Going to a burlesque show in the evening.

Tags: court of the red king, writing war journal

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