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Writing War Journal, Day 54

Got a good stretch done at lunch Friday. Saturday was kind of a bust for writing. No writing accomplished Saturday. In the morning it was just a meandering sprawl of doing other stuff. In the evening I mostly worked on trying to make sense of the rules I was using for the one-shot Sunday. Sunday morning involved me driving over to Bellevue and back. I was supposed to meet someone for coffee, but she never got back to me. I had meanwhile promised to drop something off while I was on that side of the water, so even though my coffee plans fell through, I still had to drive over there. Then I had to finish cleaning the apartment before people showed up. Got a good chunk written last night, though, due in large part to guilt over not writing Saturday. So that was good.

Not sure about the climax I'm working up for the book. There's a certain amount of me in all the characters, but I see it most strongly in my main character. My decision was that I wanted to have the climax be very personal to the character instead of just a big actiony stab-things-in-face climax. But it feels like it's cutting too close to home for me. The last thing I want to do is be the guy who writes himself as the protagonist for all his novels. =P But, this is also just the first draft. I can revise it heavily on the next pass. I'm also getting a little concerned that I might not be able to wring 70K out of this. Maybe in the second draft, but with my current writing plans I just don't think it's in the cards. Bah.

Current Word Count: 58457
New Words: +1817
Words to Go: ~11543

Today - Writing at lunch and the evening. I think my toe is healed, but I really want to finish this.
Tomorrow - Writing at lunch. Dinner with a friend in the evening.
Wednesday - Possible exercise at lunch. Date night in the evening.
Thursday - Writing at lunch and in the evening.
Friday - Exercise at lunch and writing in the evening.
Saturday - Getting together with a friend in the afternoon, possibly to write. Going to a burlesque show in the evening.
Sunday - I have most of the day free, aside from a trip with the Buddhism Meetup to the zoo.
Monday - Gym at lunch, writing in the evening?
Tuesday - Writing at lunch, appointment in the evening. With the girlfriend out of town, I'll probably need to bus home that evening. So unlikely to get much writing done that night.
Wednesday - Girl is out of town, so no date night that week. Gym at lunch, writing in the evening.

Tags: court of the red king, writing war journal

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