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State of the NaNo

I am apparently a filthy liar. I'd told people I'd be blogging about my progress with NaNoWriMo. And I haven't. And I'm half way through November. Yowzers!

Life's been something of a zoo. It was this way in October, but it's even worse now that I'm in November. Work's been a zoo, writing has been a zoo. Having a feline medical fiasco in the middle of this also hamstringed (hamstrung?) my time. So what time I've had to write has been dedicated to the novel. I don't know when I'll have a sec to do my post-con report.

But I'm taking a few minutes before I start hammering away at the novel again to recap the last couple weeks.

I started off strong, hitting 10,000 words in two days. Had a great night at the kickoff on Halloween, ran hard and strong through the first Sunday and, since I had Monday off, through Monday as well. I started slowing as the week started to veer into AmberCon Northwest. In my work to try and write an outline, I'd neglected all the work needed to prep for the games I was in at the con, and tried to make up for that half-assedly while still making word count. I wrote in the car on the way down on Thursday, and that was the last writing I really saw until the following Monday.

It's been hard the last week to get back on the horse. Before the con I'd made enough progress to make up for time lost from the con, but I've been having trouble keeping up the pace since then. I had Wednesday off for Veterans Day (yay for being a government employee), but spent my day home with my recuperating cat and getting distracted by all the things that distract me when I'm alone in the apartment.

Current word count for today is 20904. By the end of today, assuming I'm maintaining an even pace, should be 23,333. I'd like to break at least 25K (the goal for tomorrow) since I'll be losing a big chunk of writing time to cleaning the apartment and then gaming at said apartment. Weeknights for the next week should otherwise be reasonably clear. I have an appointment Tuesday night, but it's right after work and I should be able to beat down the novel a bit on the upcoming days. My big Hail Mary will be Thanksgiving weekend. I have Wednesday off (furlough day) and have the following Monday off as part of my regular work schedule. Six fat days off, some of which will be spent out on the penninsula, relaxing and beating down the novel.

Enough babbling. Time to write.
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