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Oh, wait. I think it should be *ding*.

I technically hit 50K Saturday night. But we were in a cabin out in Neah Bay that did not have the free wi-fi it theoretically had. (We didn't realize there was supposed to be Wi-Fi until we checked in, but were extra frustrated that we couldn't seem to find this free wi-fi.) And apparently Verizon is the only cell carrier that works that far northwest in Washington. Which meant our snazzy iPhones were pretty useless in terms of telecommunications. =(

When we finally got on the internet again, holed up in a tiny coffee shop in Port Angeles, handling email was more a triage issue. I didn't bother posting to LJ.

I have thoughts on what I learned this year, but I won't post them just yet. I have a stack of stuff to wade through, like a recap of AmberCon Northwest over at <lj user="defconone">.
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